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I am so excited that my book, FLY HEALTHY!
THE JETSETTERS HEALTH HANDBOOK: is going to be printed by my birthday March 18th. YAY! – Here John from Registered Nurse and Health Educator, Katharine Clark on how to minimize the damage to your health that can be caused by Flying.

In this episode, you will discover a 5 + 2 bonus tips that can help you to fly safely. Airline travel can be very hard on your health and immune flying in this episode with small changes you can do to make your body and personal space more resistant to these negative health influences.

You will learn from Katharine Clark, RN her top 5 tips for flying safe and flying smart when traveling via airplane.

Jump to the following tips:
02:17 Tip #1 – Stay Hydrated
07:49 Tip #2 – Reduce Radiation When Flying
12:12 Tip #3 – Minimize Germs When Flying
21:26 Tip #4 – Minimize Stress
26:06 Tip #5 – Minimize Jet Lag
28:50 Bonus Tip #1 – Move During Flight to avoid DVT
33:50 Bonus Tip #2 – Get Healthy Before Your Flight

After watching this episode you will learn how you can minimize the health risk when flying to your body. Please put thumbs up on the youtube!