Integrative Health Coach

Take this Time to Thrive!

Few people know that I was once covered with psoriasis and suffered with almost constant fever blisters.  Both painful and disfiguring disorders are considered chronic, and no one expected me to ever get better!  The depression, sinusitis, chronic fatigue and constipation were also expected to get worse, not better!

Instead of getting worse, getting psoriatic arthritis and shingles, or committing suicide, I changed my life!  For over 2 decades, I’ve been feeling better and better.

I hope your goal is to thrive. When I work with you I will apply my being, my intention, my skills and my experience to help you achieve your goals.  I have a form that I like to use to take your history and your goals.  Then we will take your goals and make them reality!   I’ve worked with thousands if not a hundred thousand people around the world.  Please ask if you’d like to see references.

Private Personalized Wellness Coaching

First appointment 50 minutes $150

  Please use my form to tell me about yourself.  

  Email any medical records, tests, lab reports  to me. 

  Set up your goals for our work together. What do you hope to gain?

We’ll tailor your lifestyle to enhance your wellbeing, improve your attitude and have you generally thrive.  

You will receive my gift of several basic improvements you can do to improve your quality of life and sense of wellbeing.

Ongoing Self-Improvement Program

I need you to show up with a can do attitude.  

Be willing to step outside your comfort zone a little bit to entertain new  strategies for feeling good.   

During your coaching program, I will be available by email and text messaging for short exchanges about specifics of your program.  

We will follow your instincts, and guidance as well as adopting time proven health strategies. WE’ll keep doing what works and let the rest fall away.  I’ll keep making suggestions until you find what works for you.  

More than just diet, this is a whole paradigm shift.  Its empowering to get to know your body. I can’t say how far reaching the consequences might be.  Regaining health, attaining peacefulness and vitality take many forms.  I look forward to growing with you!

If you enroll in a 3-6 month program during your first appointment, you’ll receive $50 off your program.

3 Month Lifestyle Reset $900

You have 8 – 50 minute  sessions  by online conference.  

After the first month of weekly sessions, you can break your sessions into weekly 25 minute  or every other week 50 minus sessions if desired.  (Zoom, Face-time, SKYPE or in person) 

Includes unlimited email or text  messaging as needed


Resource lists

Personalized daily schedule

6 Months – taking it deeper, going for regularity, fine tuning   $1600

You will have time to get your life supporting routines in place, build on a good foundation of self care and new understanding how how your body works!       

You’ll have accountability and an expert to guide you and answer your questions.

You’ll can have 14 – 50 minute sessions + two bonus sessions to focus on a lifestyle project.   (Sessions can be diverted into 2-25 minute sessions.) 

Lifestyle projects could be  something of your choosing like weight loss, adjunct therapies, or sourcing the best food ever and setting up your kitchen or lifestyle hygiene, little things you can go to help your body thrive.

Includes email or text as needed


Resource lists

Personalized daily schedule


*If you’d like me to work with you in your home, please let me know!  I often do live-in coaching when time permits.