New Years Eve Treats

An average morning here.

In the coffee press, I’m making tea with rose buds, hibiscus flowers, oat straw, nettles and horsetail.


Want fast food? Try making chia pudding in small canning jars. They’re always ready! When I am away from the house most of the day, this is in my to-go-box. You can make it a variety of ways.

You can use an herbal tea as your liquid or a home made nut milk. Today I made coconut milk chia pudding.

This  Coconut Chia pudding with a few raisins, cherries and apricots. Food combining here is complex. Its tasty and better than other ways of sweetening. If you chew, you’ll digest this much better.

Its possible to let this culture slowly in the frig too. I add the milk, about 1/3 of the jar is coconut milk then I add water to top off after I add the chia and fruits.  2 TBS, and the berries, cherries and dried fruits of your choice,. Add just a few!  It could be goji berries, blueberries, whatever you have to add color. I have blue berries I dried with summer to add to my next batch.

In the trusty well-traveled crock pot, I have the Chaga medicinal mushroom from North Carolina brewing.  I made a delicious Coconut, Cacao, Chaga, Cherry Milk drink for the New Years Eve Party.  Served it in shot glasses cause it was potent! This crock pot has been on the road with me since I left Asheville end of June. its brewed some good tea in NC, OR, CA, AZ and FL.

I have the sprouts growing too, just need pictures. Life is good.


I’m giving thanks. Sending warm wishes to my love ones and earthlings everywhere.


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