“If I can raise your temperature I can heal you.” Hippocrates the Father of Medicine


Infared Sauna has major health benefits. In fact, in Finland where they sauna often, they live longer and are healthier! RELAX SAUNA will increase the core temp effectively
1 mobilize the whole detoxification system (remove heavy metals++)
2 increase micro-circulation (relieve neuropathy, reduce inflammation, sweeting, Renault syndrome, diabetic ulcers++)
3 activate parasympathetic system ( calm you return to homeostasis).
4 increase mitochondria function, increasing ATP and nitric acid!
Benefits are on teh website – plus the research, This is very very low EMF and very effective Sauna.. -empowerd you to kill lyme and viruses etc..
I just negotiated $100 off the best sauna you can get! Its a lovely little portable one, that has the best ratings ever! I LOVE MINE! Use my code clark108 for $100 off.. Www.relaxsaunas.com.

$100 off at checkout.


Increase the effectiveness of your healing with hot and then COLD. Alternating hot and cold is a old and extremely effective therapy.  I’m happy to send you more info, just send me a note.

The only Sauna with computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filters out ALL of the non-healing light rays.


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