Picking Foods and Supplements

Picking Foods and Supplements


When I’m looking for food or supplements, these are the guidelines I have in mind. Most things in life are on a continuum. From acid to neural to alkaline, or from dark to grey to light! Your food choices are also on a continuum, from the best food with the most nutritional power to substances known as food with no nutritional value.


  • Originated in nature, not in a laboratory. Real Food.

Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Legumes, Greens, Herbs, Mushrooms, Seaweed, Microalgae.

  • Unprocessed or less processed is better than processed, pre-packaged, precooked and ready to heat and serve.    A prepared salad in a container is preferred to a tub of kettle corn.
  • Heirloom or better yet, wild food when possible.
  • Local food, in season is preferred to shipping from another continent, unripe.
  • Ripe food is preferred to unripe. Did you know that green bell peppers are just unripe bell peppers? If left to grow, they will turn red, orange or yellow? Ripe fruit food usually has a faint aroma around the stem.
  • Organic food is slightly more nutritious, and a lot less toxic.
  • About meat! Research shows that a plant-based diet results in greater health and longevity. (nutritionfacts.org) When choosing meats, look for fresh, local, unprocessed meat. Choose a chop or ground round over packaged deli slices.
  • Avoid sugar, and sugar substitutes. I travel with a little stevia to add to my own drinks.
  • Read labels and avoid preservatives, fillers, and sweeteners.
  • Eat simply. Eat less complex meals.

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