Diet was the first thought that came to mind when Dr Coldwell asked me to share the most important contributors to my personal healing in this book.  We become what we eat in the most solid sense.  I’ll talk about what we see, feel, think, touch and inhale in a minute.  Obviously if you’re reading this book you already know how dramatically your diet can affect your health.

My diet is rich with dark leafy greens and  juices. I eat fresh fruits mostly in season.  I use tonics, elixirs, cacao, “super foods” but the wild blue green algae I eat is by far the most super food I’ve ever experienced.  For 20 years, I’ve eating Super Blue Green Algae. I’ve toured Upper Klamath Lake Annually since 1988,  Its one of the most amazing and vital ecosystems in the USA for sure., because of the food it produces it could be in the top 10 around the world.  If I had one “secret” as to why I’ve eaten High Raw for the past 30 years, it would be eating algae, enzymes, probiotics.  Also I consume other farmed micro-algaes, and sea weeds, which are macro alga.

The life promoting power of power of eating raw foods is the fact that these foods are in their natural state. The fresher the better.  Who doesn’t love munching right from the field or garden!  How lovely to pick a fruit or flower or veggie and pop in into our mouthes and chew.  Every one knows these fresh fruits so close to nature are the best tasting. We know they explode with flavor and life force.    Today most of us get flowers from florists and eat fruits and veggies from miles away!

Not all raw food is live food.  Foods that are living when you eat them are sprouts, micro-greens, cultured foods such as sauerkraut, non-dairy yogurt and other foods with beneficial bacteria.  The sprouted seeds, grains, nuts and herbs are the power vegetable stapes of  the High Raw diet.  Small amounts of cultured foods daily, they supply enzymes and probiotics that you need to thrive.

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