The number one cause of dis-ease is our disconnection from the earth.  David Wolfe

Touching our bare skin on the earth connects us to the grounding energy of the earth and allows the electromagnetic radiation pollution to drain out of us and back into the earth.  When we stand barefoot on the earth we flow with the great healing energy of our earth mother and physical elements composing our environment. .  When we stan barefoot on the earth we are connected to the earth.  The energy of our earth month helps us in more ways than I can list.

Just like the electrical system in a building must be grounded, you need to be grounded too.  YOu can ground yourself by touching your skin to the earth or a tree or rooted plant. Lying on the earth, siting on the earth, walking and standing on sand, grass, or the earth will help drain off much of the stressors that affect you, mentally, physically, physically and spiritually.

When we stand barefoot on the earth we receive the greatest healing energy of all. Touching our bare skin to the earth is our connection to our oneness with all life.  No doubt, this feels good, boosts our immunity, removes toxins and restores our homeostases.

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