I think you might dispense with half your doctors if you would only consult Dr. Sun more.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

When I remember the happy times of my life, many involve sunshine.  Once again, to prove my point, on TV commercials do they make it a beautiful bright sunny day?  Just like the rainbow,  sunlight has a magical uplifting quality to it.  It feeds our body in an essential way.. We know that  sunlight is the source of all life on our planet, without it there would be no life on earth!   Our food is captured sunlight.  All life on this planet relies on the sun.

Soaking up the sunshine helps our body make Vitamin D which helps prevents cancer, heart disease and diabetes..   Taking a dip in a cold stream or jumping in the ocean washes off negative energy and recharges us.    Walking beside or even in a beautiful clean flowing stream calms us and quiets our minds.

The sun is a big part of the mystery of life. Ideally the food we eat transfers the energy of the sun to our bodies. Chlorophyll one of the most healing of all nutrients is known as liquid sunshine. Drinking all the wheat grass and/or wild blue green algae in the world while sitting inside day in and day out  won’t give us the benefits of a walk through a green grassy field or a forrest.   Even in the 30’s and 40’s patients could go to sanitariums where their daily routine involved sunbathing.  Now, hospitals don’t even have windows that open.

Colors also come from the sun.  Besides being rare, rainbows are very beautiful. Nature divides the sunlight into all the colors that make up the brightness.  You eye has sensors for different light waves or frequencies.   If the colors we see are limited to the interior designs inside a small box, once again, the brain is not receiving the stimulation from the environment to signal your brain to properly set circadian rhymes contributing more stress to our delicate internal clock.  Insomnia, mood swings, depression, or decreased immunity could result.

Our body relies on light exposure to regulate its internal clock. This is called the circadian rhythm.  Circadian rhythm help us adjust all our hormones based on the time of year and time of day including the moon’s cycles and it’s gravitational pull on our bodies.   Our circadian system moderates our sleep and our appetite, telling us when to sleep and when to eat.

Our body regulates its timing for sleeping and eating are set properly when we get out in the sunlight and the moonlight away from city lights. Getting a sensible and reasonable amount of exposure to the natural light of nature, sunlight and moon light really feels good. It’s romanticized endlessly.  How about enjoying a walk today and tonight to check it out?

Everyone now knows that sunlight causes your skin to generate vitamin D.  Drinking vitamin D fortified milk, or taking Vitamin D supplements will not adequately replace what you are missing by avoiding the sun. Dr Oz says vitamin D deficiency contributes to low thyroid.  Supposably vitamin d deficiency is epidemic in America.   That translates into a lack of sun exposure!   The Nature Cure includes using natural foods and sunlight to supply vitamins minerals and nutrients to maintain the life in the body.

Nothing can replace the sunshine for us.   We need to get out into the daylight every day for a minimum or 30 minutes before 11 am or after 2 p.m..

Sunbathing longer than 30 minutes per day is OK especially if your skin is covered by clothing or you are engaged in activity.  30 minutes of sunbathing with intention, when you  actually getting nude to expose the most skin to the sun, with 15 minutes on each side would be a lovely daily ritual.  Perhaps this is a nice goal for your next vacation. You might travel to a location for its natural beautiful, healing waters, sun and air where you could sun bath daily.

I’d like to mention that taking the sun before 11 am and only after 2 p.m. is sensible.        The sun is too strong at other times.   Avoid  using chemicals.  Do use hydration, aloe, coconut or sesame oil on the skin and refrain from burning yourself.

Use your timing and clothing rather than chemicals to protect yourself from over exposure. Go outside in the morning or later in the afternoon, avoid the midday sun.   Starting out slowly, with short exposures and working up to longer exposures is sensible.  Exposing as much of your body as possible is desirable.  Nude sunbathing is healthy.  Did you ever see a mom relieve her baby’s diaper rash by getting his bottom some sun?

Using sunglasses is not only limiting your access to the benefits of the sun, but can actually be damaging so wear a hat instead if you feel the need.  The light going into your eyes is directly beneficial to your pituitary gland.

Since ancient times, SunGazing is known healing technique.  After learning the proper way to do this, and taking it slowly, you actually gaze into the sun at sunset and sunrise . This practice required building up for a few seconds at a time.  Please do not attempt sun gazing without following proper protocol. Start your research at or search for sungazing HRM.

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